18 August 2010

I Know What I'm Doing, Here...

If you happen to be on a spiritual path, you know what hard work this path can be sometimes. It means saying and doing things that keep us in alignment with our Higher Truth. Sometimes, that Higher Truth seems so elusive, especially if we find ourselves in a challenging situation. In the face of chaos and upheaval, it is very easy for us spiritually-minded folks to get knocked off balance and away from our center. Our lives begin to look like we are viewing it through 3-D glasses where nothing is in focus.

I happen to find myself in one of these “challenging” life situations right now, and it is anything but comfortable. For a little while, everything seemed out of focus and I found myself feeling like I was floundering like flotsam in the sea. Whenever I find myself faced with financial uncertainty, that floundering feeling always presents itself to me. Often, I end up being sucked into “poverty and lack consciousness” for a bit before finding my way back to shore. Thank Goddess, I have been able to limit my time in fear-based consciousness and re-center more quickly.

How do I re-center after being knocked off balance? It’s actually a lot easier than it seems, but it takes diligence and awareness. In other words, it takes time, patience and practice. It boils down to remembering what I am here to do and knowing that I’m already on my Life’s Path. Also, remembering that no matter what, I choose my experience and I choose whether or not I want to struggle or grow with joy in any given situation I am faced with.

I often remind myself, “Hey, I know what I am doing, here, there are no worries”. I don’t need to frantically search for the “magic” answer on what to do; I already know what to do. I just need to be quiet and listen to myself. And somehow, the answer always seems to crop up just when I need it.

If you find yourself faced with a challenging situation and you feel like you just cannot take one more thing, I invite you to stop. Close your eyes, and breathe long and deep through the belly. With eyes closed, focus at the center of your forehead, and continue breathing. Breathe until you feel calm and more centered again. Mentally recite a poem, quote or mantra that comforts you while doing this quiet breathing.

When I am in this state, I tell myself, “I know what I am doing.” I repeat that until I feel it resonate within every cell of my body. Sometimes it takes me five minutes. Other times, it may take an hour. The point is, I’m diligent and I find that it really works for me. I can face a “crisis” more clearheaded and centered within myself.

Another great tip to getting back to center quickly is a bit trickier, but extremely powerful. Let me give you an example: You and your spouse get into an argument about the kids. It quickly goes from bonfire to wildfire and both of you are standing there with gas cans pointed at one another. If you can stop for just a second and remind yourself mentally, “Wait. This is hell and I am not doing hell. There is no enemy here. I am not the enemy; you are not the enemy; we are a team.” Breathe.

The bottom line here is you own the power to take a stand to claim whatever experience you want to have. Remember, you are a powerful being that can claim safety, joy, peace, stability, harmony and abundance whenever you want to. Claim those things often, and relish in the fact that you are not a victim of circumstance, rather you are a master at creating peace at any given moment if you so choose to.

Yes, there are moments that come up that really, REALLY suck, but remember, you are separate from that situation. It is not you and you are not it. Finding happiness amidst the chaos is the pearl of wisdom, here. Don’t make your happiness contingent upon your current circumstance; be happy now in the present moment.

*Author’s Note: I would like to give full credit for most of these tips and insights to Georgie Weston. She is a Life Coach and a mentor of mine. Without her, I would not be so calm, or sane for that matter. For more information on Georgie and her services, visit www.ggweston.com

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