29 December 2010

Zen and the Art of Allowing

Recently, I’ve begun devoting more time to my prayer/healing work. I’ve diligently been practicing and focusing on doing some pretty far-reaching deep inner healing work daily. While I’ve been focusing on several areas for healing, such as letting go of any tendencies that no longer serve me, I realized all this time I’ve been missing a key component: giving myself permission to do this work. This has created a huge shift in my self-healing work, and honestly, I think there is great value to this component.

One of the areas I’ve focused a lot of time and energy into healing is letting go of any past emotional, physical and psychic trauma I’ve sustained. I know I carry around the dense vibrations of these traumas still, and it manifests in the form of extra body weight. Not that I am greatly overweight, but frankly, this body is just too heavy to carry me around in the higher vibrations that I want to exist in. For me, the time has come to lighten up a bit. And as determined of a soul as I am, determination without permission to be determined is fruitless.

I stumbled upon this crucial piece of the puzzle in a body work session one day while receiving a massage from one of my mentors. Before my massage, I sat in a coaching session with my mentor and we were discussing the benefits of allowing ourselves to soften on all levels and drop the spears we often carry around and aim in the name of “truth.” (That’s another post for another day) It occurred to me at that moment that allowing has a lot of power. In fact, it can hold all the power, depending on your intention.

It occurred to me that if I added the words, “I now give myself permission on all levels, with full cooperation from every aspect of myself, both physical and non-physical, to release that which no longer serves me,” I may experience a deeper realm of healing. I was right. My healing has accelerated faster than a driver on the Autoban. And thank Goddess for it!

The definition of permission is: “authorization granted to do something; formal consent; the act of permitting.”

Let’s think about the power of this for a second, shall we? If, in meditation, we asked for alignment with our Higher Self or Soul, and then granted ourselves formal consent to do whatever healing we needed to do, can you imagine the delight from Heaven? Talk about a giant green light! Since the Universe only gives us what we allow ourselves to receive, perhaps telling the Universe, “Hey, I’m now giving you permission to help me with this healing work” would be just the ticket to allowing that healing to actually happen?

Since incorporating this into my daily practice, I have had all kinds of things come up to be released. When I do discover something has cropped up, I give myself permission to address it and process it. Then I bless it and thank it for its service and give it to Source. I ask for all of the negative effects be transmuted into positive energy that I can use to better serve my Higher Purpose and the highest and greatest good of all. The results for me, are astounding.

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