25 June 2009

The Magic Wand of Healing

It seems as if the Quest for The Quill of Inspiration has not only helped me get back in the saddle of writing, but its inspired me to search deeper within. I have felt compelled the past few days to really focus on researching and practicing spiritual methods that are dear to me, hence my absence on the blog. No excuse, but I got sucked in to some serious meditations and note-taking on the various practices of Wicca that have been calling to me.

I'm grateful to say that I've found my magic wand and have been trying it out this week. It's really amazing to see what things have been happening for me and my family. It's been wonderful to actually feel grounded again. Being grounded is a very hard state for me to maintain, because I am an Air sign, with Air in my Sun, Ascendant and Moon positions. (Gemini-Aquarius-Libra) I've found that practicing ritual has helped me stay grounded immensely.

On Monday, I reached a new level of awareness as I did a ritual bath with candles and gemstones to practice and deepen my healing energies, for both myself and the healing I send to others. As a Reiki Master, I'm familiar with channeling the Universal Life Force and how it feels to do so. On this night, I felt a power like I've never felt before; calm, harmonious and completely balanced. I felt so much love and peace surround me and I felt my healing energy surge. It was absolutely breath-taking. I've definitely found a practice that will enhance my healing meditations and I am very excited about that!

Blessed be to all! Let the healing and peace begin!

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